Perspective… Such a funny thing

perspective1Perspective…. Such a funny thing.

We see it – experience it everyday & it is our ultimately our own choice whether we go negative or positive in the interpretation. Is it really all black or white… I think not. Is it completely easy or always hard… not really.  So what is it in each of us that creates the perspective of seeing only one side of a situation and for most usually the negative side to the level that we feel compelled to shout it out?

Take ‪#‎blackfriday‬ will I be participating? Nope, I choose to cuddle up in a thick blanket in front of the fire & read another awesome book. It is my hope that those that want to do the same…can. Is this an all black or white situation? Not at all but to read or hear some of the opinions being expressed you might think so.

Instead of only seeing the negative perspective, I choose to acknowledge that the event can be made fun when best friends get to be up crazy early together, hyped up on coffee, to enjoy shopping for sales, and all while sharing a lot of laughs.  Does that mean I never stand up for something I strongly believe in? Again, not at all.  I propose to you to pick your battles, the ones that really matter and will if won bring more light into the world.  Stores celebrating holidays early to bring in more revenue or homeless veterans not getting support? Hmm… decisions, decisions, decisions.

Reality there are pros & cons to everything in life.

Your choice to see only the cons then decide to cast a negative wave out into the world doesn’t solve anything – my choice will be to sleep in & be happy for those that score a bargain while enjoying the company of a few of their crazy friends. ‪#‎positivealwaysfeelsbest‬

Perspective… such a funny thing.

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