Are you a Ten or a One?

frac_01-10Society tells you it’s a TEN for the best, but that is due to mass programming (brainwashing). From birth we are being programmed and it is sad to say not programmed for success. The media tells us what is cool, what toys our kids (who they don’t even know) will want, when we can wear white or when it is taboo, how to talk, what to look like, what to eat, what’s healthy or not, who will make it and even who won’t.  So you have to ask yourself in this world of being told what others think we should be and what their idea of successful looks like…

  • Do you really – really want or have what it takes to be successful and what does that actually mean to you?
  • How much would it mean to you to be financially set and what is that number amount to?
  • Do you look forward to someday retiring or is it your desire to work till someone lays you to rest?
  • Do you go to sleep and wake up rejoicing in life or desiring oblivion?
  • Do you look forward to a day at the office or does it fill you with dread?
  • Do you enjoy going home in the evening or do you find ways to delay?
  • Are your clients awesome and enjoy referring you out?
  • Are your friends jumping at chances to hang out with you or avoiding your calls?

The way you answer those questions and your level of drive to make a change will let you know if you are a ten or a one… Do you know which is better?


Ten out of ten people (if honest) will admit they are not living the life they want.

Five out of ten people will never do anything about it

Five out of ten will want to change

Three out of those five will ask for help

Two out of those five will be too stubborn to ask for help

Three of the five that asked will get the help but two will give up before they succeed…

That leaves ONE that is willing to change, accept help and stick with it to a level of success in their pursuits

Equipment for saleWith those kinds of odds against us it is no wonder that fitness centers capitalize on making their best money during January with New Year’s resolutions and offer the best sales three months into the New Year.  We are programmed for this roller coaster of pitfalls, disappointments, and ‘no can do’ attitudes. We’re told since birth about ‘other’ out of reach levels, told that only a ‘privileged’ few are able to grab the American Dream.  I Say Horse hockey!  There are a privileged few because they did not give up, not because they cannot have it.  But, the fact is you will never level up or have the life you want unless you change your mindset, rewrite your programming and surround yourself with those that will push you.  If you do not like being told you can do better, if having someone tell it to you straight upsets you, or if being called out for halfhearted attempts aggravates you – then you will have a bigger struggle becoming a ONE…

So what number are you? Three, Five…. Or are you the ONE? Even the ONE needs help – so when you are ready to level up I am ready to help you change your mindset, rewrite your programming so that you are wired for success – easy enough? NO, absolutely not – which is why only ONE out of thousands make it to achieving the life they want. If anyone tells you it is cheep, fast and easy they are not referring to achieving a successful life…

Only… when you are ready, really ready call us get started on really living the entrepreneur lifestyle 850-215-7667

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