Finding Clients…

This is the first concern of all businesses, sale people & in general anyone with a product or service to offer.  Where are my clients?  How do I get in front of them?
Find clients
Sometimes the task seems daunting but it all starts with knowing what you offer.
Let’s Begin! 
Know the answers to the following before starting to look for your clients.
  • You need to know what problem or need your service or product solves and how to put it into words that create a conversation.
Example: You offer the softest, light weight & warmest sweater on the market. What does this sweater solve? If someone is needing warmth but doesn’t want layers or has sensitive skin so they need warmth but dislike wool.  These are the problems your sweater solves – so start by process of elimination to find your clients. Knowing the solutions you offer is the first step!
Defining your client is also key.  Define them by what type of clients you’d like to work with to what type of work or service you offer that you enjoy doing the most.
  • Revolutionary concept – We don’t always want every client out there…

Example: You offer turnkey services and your profit margin depends on your ability to quickly & professionally complete the job.  This is how you keep your prices competitive with the ‘big boys’. You just signed a new client last month and the job is scheduled to be completed in three days.  Two weeks later they are still taking valuable man hours reducing your profit margin to the point of loss.

Places to start looking for your ideal clients is sometimes simple but time consuming and other times it can be costly.  When starting out
  • Give yourself some running room. Most companies fail before they get off the ground because they didn’t have enough resources or operating expenses on hand.
  • Talk to everyone you know.  Key is to not ask for their business first, instead ask them for their advice and a referral. People are more apt to help you if you show that you value their connection.
  • Get involved. It is the same a hundred years ago as it is today, people do business with people they know and trust. Deals get done a sports games, youth activities, community events or volunteer organizations.
  • Referral swapping party.  Plan one and bring your best contacts and ask everyone who is attending to do the same.  It is amazing how many referrals we can give out when done in a collaboration team of professional net-workers.
  • Build your spheres. Identify those that are working the entrepreneurial scene and offer to help wherever you can. These professionals for the most part understand the give & return concept.
  • Collaborate with your competition.  Yes, you heard me right. If you view every ‘like’ business as an enemy or rival to be defeated, you will miss out on some of your greatest opportunities.
  • Get Social! You need to be online and it needs to happen before you open your doors if possible.  Build the buzz, make them ‘want’ before it is available. Supply and demand is a beautiful thing when coupled with intrigue and need.
  • Speak.. Anywhere – Everywhere.  There are always organizations looking for speakers to come in and provide a value to their group. Make it memorable, include tips about your industry or service, and leave them wanting more. Do not sell – this is about visibility and being a value first.
  • Write. Anywhere – Everywhere. Blogging is a form of advertising it shows you have a value if done correctly. Write a PR piece on your industry and collaborate with like services that compliment your business. Send them to local publications (newspapers, business journals, and TV & radio stations) as well as via online Press Release distributors.
  • Get free PR.  Think it is easier said than done? Yes, if you don’t know how to change what you are offering into a community need.  Journalists are always looking for a human interest story, become that story and they ask to write about you.
  • Call on support.  Your family and friends are going to be your best advocates when you first start out.  Show them how valuable they are and include them in you initial marketing plans. Don’t abuse it – make sure to offer them a special only they can give to their friends so they benefit as well.
  • Join.  Every community has networking, leads, relationship building groups. Explore them all and choose the one that you are able to give as much as you will get from it.
  • BE Active! Lurking won’t cut it.  This is true for community events, business meetings, conventions, social media, conferences, chamber events, seminars, trade shows etc.  You have to connect, ask questions, be a value, hand out cards, set appointments and in general be active.

Starting a business or taking one to the next level can be daunting.  Knowing what you offer, why you offer it, what your reason is for doing what you do and having a marketing plan of attack will help you go farther than just opening your door and hoping someone will walk through it.  We anticipate this blog benefiting you with its ideas, tips and suggestions to help you get off the ground with your business endeavor.  Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments or needs!

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