Can you… Self-Motivate?

Short answer yes, long answer not always without difficulty.  To wake up and say, “I am motivated” might not always do the trick.  It is kind of like being low on energy and eating a snickers bar.  Satisfying for the first hour but after that your energy without proper nutrients will start to dwindle again.

So the secret?  Get ready – as there are steps & it does not come naturally for 99 out of 100 people.

Start simple.  The very first thing you have to figure out is what drives you?  For a few lucky people it is simpler to stay motivated as we absolutely love the job we do daily.  If it is not the job you are doing then ask yourself why are you doing this job?  You might not be able to get some of your motivation from your work place but if it is a means to an end then the outcome can be part of your motivation.  You go to work to earn a pay check so you can buy the boat you want for those weekend trips.  Get it?

Next step after you figure out what drives you is to keep motivators around you at work and at home.  I even have them in my car.  Surround yourself with positive things (quotes, inspirational pictures even a picture of that boat you want with a gauge marked on it as to how close you are to getting it) that spark you!

Keep GREAT Company!  Fact is we act & react in the same way as our five closest professional/personal interactions.  If the attitude of the majority of the five closest people to you is more often one of depression, anger, jealousy, complaint, procrastination… then you will have a 100% harder time staying motivated.  So choose wisely what company you interact with the most.

drseuss youer than youNurture a positive attitude! Nothing is more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude.  This is a mental habit requiring practice as you can not always control your surroundings or circumstances.  When you feel a negative thought or action take hold of you, close your eyes and like Winnie The Pooh – go to your happy place.  Think of where you want to be in your life, who you want to be, how you want to be perceived and say, “I invite into my life what I send out”.  So if you want positive things to happen, be positive in your actions and thoughts.

Stop thinking all the time and occasionally take the leap of faith, zig when others zag & experience all that life has to offer.  If we over think everything in our life we will most definitely miss out on a lot of what life has to offer.  Most of the things you will engage when you do not over think will be a motivational charge in themselves.

Know yourself… don’t lie on this one, I mean really if you tell yourself you can calculate math without a calculator who does it benefit? Keep notes on when your motivation levels are at their lowest and when you are on top of the world!  Knowing this will help you to combat the low points by juicing your environment.

Track your tasks, goals, progress.  Being able to mark off your accomplishments is a helpful tool for those that need to be able to self-motivate.  Set short term goals within each of your long term goals, that way you can reward yourself along the way.

Be a blessing to others!  Sharing your skill set, ideas, abilities will fuel your inner light.  Sharing your goals with friends will encourage them to create their own.  This collaboration of goal settings and rewarding accomplishments will create a cross motivational environment.  Share in the successes of others, look at it in a positive light by being genuine in your joy of their success it will come back to you ten fold.

Join a local mindset group.  Look for ones that are specific to your position and goals.  If you are a owner you want your mindset team to be a mix of equal and greater.  Same for general staff positions, managers, self employed etc.  Look for groups structured to nurture your position so you won’t get discouraged and can level up successfully.  You want to be able to contribute to the group as well as learn.

PLAY!  Those of us that play as hard as we work have greater success at staying mleap3otivated.  You have to recharge the batteries even if you are doing something you love doing every day.  So take a break, do something new, learn something new, test your limits and soar!

We all have to learn how to self motivate because it is no one else’s responsibility but our own where we end up in life.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog entry and if you need help getting started, finding that right crowd or group to be a part of know we are here for you.  Answer Marketing was built on the idea of helping others achieve their goals & we are always looking to make a new friend!

Take the step – there is no time like right now – leap & experience all that this life has to offer you!   ~K.Kirkland

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