Level Up… Call to Action!

We’ve all heard it and most of us try to live by it, results are directly related to action.  Let’s take it a step further, positive results are directly related to positive action just as negative results are related to negative action.

Think about what matters to you; family, friends, work success – in each of these things are you surrounding yourself with positive or negative influences?  Next think about your actions as a result of those influences; are they positive or negative?

You are in control it might not always feel that way but it is a proven fact.  Things that happen in our life can be directly associated to our actions and the foundation of those actions.  Take a moment and think back to something that went well – really well in your life.  What were some actions prior to that event?  Do they all make you smile?  I am guessing they do… Now think about something that went really wrong and what happened prior to it?  Usually it is not just one thing or another; it is usually a series of events that create a domino effect either positively or negatively.  Now I am not saying that surrounding yourself with positive influences, keeping a cheerful outlook & taking positive actions will keep your life on the sunny side.  We are all tested for greatness and it is in those moments that we discover if we are ready to level up or if we still have some growing to do.  We discover in times of adversity what we are really made of and how we will come out on the other side. Level up

So I am challenging all of you if you think you are honestly ready to Level Up then here’s the next steps for you to take.

  • Clean house – not literally (unless it needs it) but in the sense that you need to remove things around you that distract you from your purpose.  You also, need to remove as many negative influences from your inner circle.
  • Map it – you need to have a clear written timeline of your goals, how you plan to reach them, who or what you need to make it happen & create a system to help you stay on track!
  • Build your productivity bubble – Surround yourself with only those with the same ambitions & positive outlook. It is a fact if you want to lose weight but hang around with acquaintances that are let’s say ‘pleasantly plump’ with no desire to change… (before the comments arrive… I am not knocking curves I have my fair share. This is an analogy only not a dig…) you will easily be able to talk yourself into skipping the gym visit or enjoying the whole box of cookies instead of a few.  The best thing I can advise you on is to find professional friends that have done or are currently making their goals happen.  DO NOT be intimidated or jealous of those that are succeeding – be a genuine friend and Level Up yourself!
  • Create your environmentLeveling up is a challenge and anything worth having doesn’t always come easy.  Actually it is rarely ever easy.  So to keep yourself from veering off track create environments that remind you why you are doing what you are doing.  Motivational note cards strategically placed, planned progress meetings, positive influences, surround yourself with things that help you keep your endorphin’s pumping!  If you find yourself letting negative thoughts or actions creep in – STOP – take a moment and refocus your mindset.
  • Ready Set ActionDaily do something that helps you Level Up!  Remember positive actions produce positive results.
  • Understand – Understanding that negativity will happen, forces around us that are testing our resolve can either be overcome or you can allow yourself to submit to them and give up.  If you want to truly Level Up then how you handle these trials will decide your success levels.  So understand and prepare for them by taking a moment when needed and recharging your positive battery whenever you can will help.

Well, I hope this has helped you in some way towards a better & brighter future, because there is nothing more wonderful than to have friends around you feeling happier and succeeding in life!  So take action today & LEVEL UP!  

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