Results…by you

Stand outOk, let’s take a moment and get real!  How many of you are:

  • Members of a professional group
  • Have an advertisement running somewhere
  • Or started up a blog or newsletter

Yes, if you’re reading this blog 99% of you can answer yes to one or all of those questions.  Now, how many of you are not happy with the ‘results’?

I’m guessing over 78% of you can say you’re not happy with the results to one or more of those questions.

So here’s where I am going to get real with you and ask the question that those that accept accountability will ask, “What are you not doing?”.  For a good many the thought process is to throw the blame for lack of results in the opposite direction.  But, if we are truthful and take accountability in our actions or lack of we’ll start to see real results in our endeavors.

Take the first one; Member of a professional group.  If it is not working for you can you honestly say you are giving it due time to work the opportunities available?  Do you even know all the opportunities or are you waiting for someone to point them out? Are you devoting time to prepare prior to the meeting? Are you asking for support in a way that others can assist easily?  Remember even in asking for referrals or support from a professional team you need to meet them over half way by first making your ‘ask’ very specific and then by ‘following up’.

Take the second one; Have an advertisement running? Ask yourself is what you are offering have a juicy call to action or bland? Are you giving them something that you already offer to the masses or making each marketing venue’s offer special?  Have you asked for second, third even fourth opinions on the value of the content and if it is appealing.  Depending on the media form of advertising you are using time plays a factor as well as how you represent your offer.  Yes, you can use media wrong.  Not all offers or even industries get the same results across multiple media formats.  If you don’t understand who your clients are, where they frequent or even what their needs are… how can you expect your advertisements to work?

Let’s now look at the Third one;  Blog or Newsletter.  Does it have a purpose?  In what ways if any are you cultivating a network to view it?  If you have a network do you know their needs and are you answering it or just talking for the sake of pushing out content?  Your reason for having a blog or a newsletter will define the content but no matter the content if you are not providing a true value in this world of over saturated advertising venues you will not be followed let alone get any return on your time spent producing your content.

So let’s wrap this up with some value, when you are a member of a professional group, run an advertisement or produce a blog/newsletter the following items should be factored in at all times.

  • Provide real value – don’t create just for the sake of creating
  • Know your target audience and fill a need in the right place at the right time
  • All advertising efforts take time – if you are producing value in the locations your consumers are at it will work
  • Preparation in all things is key, just being seen or just showing up won’t produce any worth while results
  • Get objective opinions (Objective being the operative word) if you ask your friend with no real vested interest they will more than likely tell you what you want to hear versus what you need to hear.
  • Most importantly you get out of anything no more than what you put into it.  If it takes you a few moments to throw something together without investing time, research or money – don’t be surprised when it produces devoid return.

These are just a few of the things in business that I hear professionals say, it’s not working!  So going forward instead of throwing out negative auto responses to empty returns on the ways you market try instead to take a good hard look on your actual investment in it.  Even if you pay to have someone create or design your marketing needs, if you are not taking an active interest in it don’t be surprised if the results are less than spectacular.  It is good to have marketing support or a talented media agent but without your organic contribution to its success your results will be less than what you desire.  After all your customer is there primarily because of you so if you are not involved it will show in the results or the lack of.

Need help with getting real results that increase your profitability?  We’re here for you but the next step is yours…   call, email, stop by it requires action to take the next step!

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