Time Myth or Reality?

its about time    Myth or reality? For most of us we would say a myth as it is not uncommon for nine out of ten professionals to be actively searching for more time.  Those that have searched for it have also read books on it as well as attended training seminars that profess to be able to ‘free’ up time.

If you would have asked me myth or reality about eight years ago I would have said myth as time seemed to always be elusive no matter what I did with my day to try and tame it.  But, ask me now and I will tell you straight up for those that are willing to make changes to their daily habits it is in fact a reality!

Just take a look at a normal week in my life and you will swear I have a clone stashed away somewhere helping me manage my life.  Oh, the possibilities would be limitless if I did!

Every day we have choices and those choice will determine our ability to succeed or to be pulled by forces that devour our valuable time.  As entrepreneurs and I call each and everyone one of you that because no matter if you own your business, are commission only or work for someone else – an entrepreneur by definition is someone that runs their own life.  Webster says, an entrepreneur is “One who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” Dictionary says, “A person who organizes and manages and enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.”

Yes, relatively speaking both are referring to the business ‘owner’.  But, I say anyone who takes action to increase their value, that is responsible for their time, can use their mind to make choices to aid in the growth of a company either employed at or owned is an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs, in the purest sense, are those who identify a need – any need – and fill it.  They are the ones forever straining their necks, addicted to seeing what’s coming and trying to change the world.

Time management is a real thing and to an entrepreneur it is the one thing that will help you or hinder your success.  If you are honestly ready to start running your life and your business ventures & stop letting outside interference hinder your growth then get ready to make a choice to alter the myth into a reality.  It starts very simply with five steps:

  1. Take time to map out your week EVERY hour. Start with printing your schedule – this is that calendar of ‘I plan to do this’ but end up doing everything else… Now write out the items next to the ‘planned’ schedule of every squirrel factor that happens.
  2. Highlight in different colors the items of priority, the items needed & the items that were someone else’s problem that became yours.
  3. Move the priority items (your money makers) to the beginning of each day & the less important but still needed items to the end of the day. Finally mark an hour each day & label it ‘Squirrel’.
  4. Now, I want you to change your habits!  It is the normal habit of most professionals to come in to the office boot up the computer and start checking emails, answer phone calls, set appointments, take a break, follow up on tasks, answer questions from clients or co-workers… and on and on and on… Then, we look at the clock and wonder, “What the Hell Happened!” I am proposing a new schedule (guide click here).  This schedule will allow you to take back your life and start running it and your business.  It revolves around the idea of ‘Time Blocking’.
  5. Lastly I want you to repeat after me: “Wherever I am, I will 100% be there!”  This has to do with everything you do in life personally and professionally.  If you set an appointment to meet with a client or even a friend, set a time limit and BE THERE 100%.  If you are watching your kid play soccer, football, softball whatever they are doing BE THERE 100%.  The mini-squirrels that attack all the time will stretch a simple task out into wasted hours if you don’t take control of your time.

Changing your habits, creating a value schedule, time blocking & committing to the mindset of being 100% in the moment will change your life!  This is not an easy thing, never said it was but once this because a habit you will have people coming up to you asking how in the world do you get so much done?

Starting this process can be daunting and for most require a skilled professional to help them understand their schedule in order to map out a new one.  Look to others around you that appear to have it under control, that are everywhere all the time and still meet their deadlines.  For the most part they are happy to help you if asked.  I for one love to help others take back their lives as I am blessed by the change it made in my life as a giver by nature sharing my knowledge is only natural.  Call me to set a time so you too can be a time master, notice I said call to set a time?  It is okay, to manage your day and allot time to help others instead of saying my door is always open because if you can’t take care of your responsibilities how are you expected to help others?

I hope you have enjoyed this blog – catch you on the next one!


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