It’s ALL about YOU… Accountability!

You are not the actions of others, nor their words.  You are not responsible for their successes, their failures, their daily bliss, but you are for yours.  Be accountable.  Take on what is yours and trust that others actions are their responsibility – good or bad.

In life we have to take measure daily if we are to succeed in life.  If you devote positive energy to others that do not in turn reciprocate that energy you are throwing it away.

Each morning – each evening you are accountable in the end to only one person.  How you handled yourself, what you accomplished, what you failed at is for you to own and no one else.

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy” ~Dalai Lama

Ask yourself:cropped-sunset-over-lake.jpg

Did I give an honest effort in my day?

Was I a positive blessing to others?

Did I hold to my goals by completing tasks as needed?

Was I faithful to responsibilities I control?

At the end of the day the distractions, excuses, negative influences are not there to share in the blame – it is your life if you do not OWN every aspect of it then at the end of the day know it is only you to answer too.

I meet with people every day that want to know why they are not climbing the ladder of success better, faster, easier… Across the board the ones that aren’t after talking with them have the same story.  That story is full of excuses, blame deflection, deniability, and lack of accountability.  I can help you plan, I can challenge you daily, but at the end of the day it is your actions or lack of that will determine your success.

“When you are accountable. You are incredible!” ~J. Benjamin

So I challenge you to write out your goals: 5yr, 1yr, 6months, 1 month, this week… What do you want out of life?

Even simpler let’s start with thinking about groups you are a member of. What do you want out of those groups?  What can you do right now to insure that it happens? 

Accountability: ARE YOU EACH WEEK BEING TRUE TO THE TEAM & MAKING AN HONEST EFFORT TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR REQUESTS? If you aren’t, how can you expect it from the rest of your team?  SYNERGY – It is the driving force of a successful group.  The teams you commit to working HONESTLY together will be GREATER than the sum of their individual effects.  Need help – don’t wait because your future is upon you now by your daily actions.

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