FUNDAMENTALS – Back to the basics

Time to get back to the fundamentals of what it means to call yourself a ‘Power Connector’, ‘Guru’, Master of your skill set…
It’s a classic cliche that always runs through my head in John Madden’s words, “it starts with the fundamentals.” But it is a cliche for a reason. In almost everything we do, there is a fundamental base which needs to be established before we move on. And in almost all cases, the process of doing the fundamentals lack flash, style, and are basically boring.
The sad thing is that so often we want to skip the fundamentals and get to the flash mainly because by nature we are an impatient people. I want you to think on the most famous & successful personalities you know – they are successful by their own admission because of fundamentals.
• Michael Jordan, “The minute you get away from fundamentals – whether its proper technique, work ethic or mental preparation – the bottom can fall out of your game, your schoolwork, your job, whatever you’re doing.”
• “Perhaps the single most important element in mastering the techniques and tactics of racing is experience. But once you have the fundaments, acquiring the experience is a matter of time.” Greg LeMond (World Champion Cyclist)
• “Fundamentals make the market” T. Boone Pickens (American Business Magnate)
• “What people don’t realize is that professionals are sensational because of the fundamentals.” ~Barry Larkin (MLB player)
• “I found an approach to investing that made sense to me: rigorously analyzing a company’s fundamentals…Joe Mansueto (billionaire)

Fundamentals are the basic building blocks of being successful in anything you do and in order to stay success they have to be revisited often! The saying once you’re great it is all downhill from there is a falsity.

AMI KK Quote 3To be successful continually advancing in greatness means you excel at the fundamentals that got you there.  Think back when you first started whatever it is you are doing; first day on the job, basketball player, singer, artist, accountant, college student, car mechanic, grocery bagger… no matter the job you were taught fundamental basics. A basketball player dribbled till they thought they became the ball – free throws – lay ups – foot work, a grocery bagger was taught cold items together – spread the heavy items out and put on the bottom – bread by itself, a singer was taught breathing – posture – diction, etc…

Without knowing, practicing, becoming one with the fundamentals there is no progress to the next step.  A basketball player that does not excel at the fundamentals does not get off the bench & the same goes for anything you are trying to master in life.

Know your fundamentals, always remember they got you to where you are today and if you have stagnated go back to them.  When I first got into sales we had to master communication, product knowledge, customer satisfaction, techniques to keep the conversation going in the right direction and most importantly the follow up after the close.  We hand wrote our thank you cards not relying on text messages, emails or mass produced formal letters.  I still to this day hand write out my cards because the fundamentals that gained me my first client in 1996 still hold true today.

The products, services and even a lot of the marketing opportunities have changed & grown with the consumers needs but the fundamentals of my profession still work as great as they did in 1996.  The same holds true for the fundamentals of any industry – fundamentals are the building blocks of growth & success, they do not go away and should not be ignored if you want to keep your success.

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