I want more…

It’s the mantra of the new generation. I want more /I want it all/ – we don’t just want a basic service want it  allwe want it all because we enjoy the extras.  Those businesses that saw this coming and didn’t hesitate to ‘give’ more are leading the way.

Customization               Perks               Rewards                Special      VIP            Fringe              Bonus            Advantage             Extra              Plus              More               Super-Size               Premium

These are words we look for in ads, on product boxes, and for services offered.  When you are shopping on-line for a vacation and you see two hotels rooms listed close in price what is your next step? Amenities – who has more? Are they offering free WiFi, pool, hot breakfast, or bonus night?

So as a business in this day of /wanting it all/, how do we make sure we are still providing excellence in our day to day operations?  The new generation might select you first due to the perks you offer but on the flip side they will not hesitate to leave a review letting the world know if the services were less than appealing.  {Whe5 starn is the last time you searched your company’s ratings?}

There are three primary things you should watch out for in trying to make sure you are being productively competitive with the /I want it all/ generation.

  1. The extra value you offer should complement your main product or service.  Good Ex: If you make the best running shoe in the world your perk would be; Buy one get one 1/2 off or a free pair of socks with every purchase.  These things complement and do not take away from the reason you are in business which is to sell those shoes.  Bad Ex: You are offering the juiciest burger in town and the perk you offer is a free taco because you have those too and they aren’t selling as well.
  2. Don’t lose sight of the reason of your company with the perks you offer. The perk should not dominate the product of the service or detract from it which is after all your source of income.  Your focus and the focus of your customers should always remain with the product or service you are offering.  Ex: You offer heartwarming custom made scrapbooks for special occasions – they are the reason you are in business, your passion, your money maker.  You are trying to gain visibility so you are offering a gift certificate to a local store valued at $100 to one lucky random winner.  Yes, you’ll get noticed people love chances to win things.  But the item they are winning unless tied somehow to your product or service in a complementary way will cause more attention to the ‘store’ they get to spend it in rather than your company’s service or product.
  3. Don’t get pulled into the mistake of offering more than you can deliver.  Yes, we want to be ‘EVERYTHING’ to our customers but if you dilute yourself to the point that nothing you offer stands out you will no longer excel at anything.  Trying to ‘do it all’ – ‘offer it all’ will more often than not cause you to not stand out among your competition.  Be GREAT at what you do or what you offer and make sure all the other items you offer complement it.

Nike set out to be the best athletic shoe company in the world, everything else they offer complements their main product.  Chick-fil-a set out to be known as the home of the original chicken sandwich, everything they offer on their menu complements that goal.  I don’t go into a Nike store to pick up a pair of ball gown heels although they could probably make a great pair it would dilute their goal.  In the same example I don’t go to Chick-fil-a when craving chips and salsa.  But, when I want a new pair of shoes – Nike pops in my mind and when I crave a juicy fresh chicken sandwich – Chick-fil-a is going to be my next stop.

So take it from the companies that could probably sell anything they want – specialize, stand out, be great at what you do and make sure when you offer a perk it complements your end game!

Kristi Kirkland – http://www.answermarketing.net

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