Professional ‘Spring Cleaning’

Spring cleanI’m not much for the typical ‘spring clean’ in the home – that’s why I have five kids! (LOL) But I am very much into quarterly business cleaning & the spring is as good a time as any to get started with yours!  With all professional ‘Spring Cleanings’ there is a system and elements that need to be looked at for your cleaning to be effective.  Below are a couple of the primary items that need to be looked at to make your career run ‘cleaner’!

Start with Tracking Your Work Achievements –

Start looking back on what you accomplished in the early half of the year, and write them down if you haven’t already. Is it enough to get that raise or promotion you’re looking forward to at the end of the year? Check in with your manager to see where you stand, and up the ante to advance your career.  If self-employed are you where you want to be?  Being your own ‘manager’ can sometimes open yourself up to delays in your progress you would not normally accept.  Try evaluating yourself and your achievements as if you’re an employee of your company… could be eye opening!

Desk Maintenance –

This is where you spend the majority of your day if you have the typical employment position.  So take stock in your surroundings and ask yourself does your space work to your advantage?  Is it organized?  Do you get inspired by your surroundings – if not ask yourself why and what can you do to improve it?  Do you have ‘squirrels’ around you – things that distract from your daily goals?  If you do remove them or if needed but not all the time put them away (busy work items should not be in front of you all the time).

Goals – Projects –

Take stock of your goals are you on target – ahead – behind?  If you are ahead make sure to adjust your goals to keep up with this awesome momentum! If you are behind now is the time to evaluate your schedule and see what is causing the delays – what adjustments can be made & refocus your efforts.  This includes educational goals as well.  We should never stop learning, improving or adding skills.

Connections –

These are extremely important as I stand by the statement that none of us can do this alone.  Take stock in your connections and do a little spring cleaning there if needed.  List your top 20 connections; those that have helped you in the past, mentors, network buddies, co-workers, friends, professional resources.  When is the last time you really connected with them?  Let them know you appreciate their value.  Now flip the question who are your bottom 20, the time wasters, negative influences or users?  We all have them but to what level are you letting them influencing your progress?  If you find they outweigh your positive connections – spring cleaning is needed.  I am not saying trash friendships, relationships or connections as my other favorite statement is burn no bridges.  So in this context I am saying make sure your positive connections have priority and pull yourself away from those that only bring you down.

White glove

Clean You –

So you have your environment at work that has received a spring cleaning.  Now clean you… Are you starting your day with a positive mental attitude?  Yes… really? What is it – a thought, a saying, or an inspirational picture?  If you are not accustom to motivating yourself then putting yourself in a positive mental state will require more than just a random thought.  Is your daily routine productive & well planned out or are you flying by the seat of your work load?  Are you managing yourself and your needs or is your job managing you?  Are you hydrated? Yes, you’ve heard it before but are you doing it? It makes up 60% of your body weight so ‘clean you’ is both mental & physical.  Lastly keeping the mental energy up is something that requires a clean schedule one that includes several factors; organization, goals, rewards, breaks, preplanning, healthy snacking, interaction, progress and end of day wrap up tasks.

Professional Regular Spring Cleaning is a system all professionals regardless of your level should be doing.  Those that have this system in place and follow it with enthusiasm have a rewarding career that trickles into their personal life in a positive way.  Need help setting one up or with any area of your spring cleaning? Answer Marketing is more than a media & marketing firm as we also provide the tools to help you and your staff succeed in a rapid way!

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