The Follow Up!

So last blog we talked about networking and what to expect in your preparation of attending an event…
Did you have the chance to put the tips we gave into practice? Hope you were able to enjoy a few events and make some great connections. How many of you got home that evening and just crashed? Did any of you ‘Follow Up‘ that evening or what about the next day? Majority of connections are wasted due to not knowing what to do with the business card you were given follow upor just because of letting time slip away from us.

You took time out of your day to attend the event and if you are truly serious about growing your business you made an attempt to connect with a few of the other attendees. So lets not waste your precious time by dropping the ‘Follow Up‘.
Below are a few of the things you should be doing immediately after the event and the next day.

A moving professional gathers prospects while one who stands still gathers only regrets…

* That evening jot down things you remember about each connection you made. You will use this later to make your ‘Follow Up’ more personable and so that you stick out as someone who matters.
* Mark your business cards with the date and name of the event; 5-2-14 BC Chamber First Friday
* If you have access to email (not on the phone – this is not a text style. Remember impressions matter) send a quick email saying you enjoyed talking with them and look forward to the next time you cross paths.
* The next business day – I prefer a hand written card as you want to show you are invested in this new connection/relationship, but an email sincerely & briefly written will work as well. (Use your own style of speech) But basically continue the conversation with them saying hope you have already received my email I sent last night. I got in this morning and was thinking there was so much more I wanted to ask you about your business. Are you open for coffee?
However the message is delivered – be sincere and be open to first learning all about this new connection and not only about seeing if you can sell them something.
* Tip – if handwriting use blue ink… trust me not black and for heavens sake not green, purple or orange. You’re a professional & you are a value – use blue…
* Catalog your connections – use a journal or other record keeping tool. You want to attach the business cards & the details of your monthly connections as they happen. In a few weeks you should start to notice a trend with them & where you are crossing paths with several of the same people at the events you attend.

Bold FYI – you might just have found a Power Connector. This is someone you ‘want’ to build a trust relationship with!

Again: Relationship building is not about the immediate sell. It is all about building lasting friendships for referrals that will continue to come year after year because you took the time to really make an honest connection.
Next blog: POWER CONNECTORS – Who are they? Where are they? How can they help you? How can you help them – help you? All this and more soon!

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