Fast tracked or Organic ‘Likes’

We get asked this question in many different ways at Answer Marketing.  Everyone wants the page that has FIVE Thousand or more ‘Like’s but most do not want to put in the effort to get there.

The old saying “Build it and they will come” is not a fact in social media.  It takes great content and an understanding of your audience to create a following strength that brings in ROI.  Some of the content in this article will be spoken in general terms and averages while referencing the social media industry because there are companies that will gain a following just because they are already branded in another media outlet or have a high demand product that gains likes on its merits alone.   But, for the rest of us we are tasked with creating great content, using creative branding, contests, offers, and any other means to draw in our desired following.

So we can clearly see the difference below is a picture showing a page with over five thousand ‘Like’s on FaceBook & next to it is a snap shot of a page with a few hundred “Like’s. Notice the page with the 5K has little if no interaction compare it now to the stats of the page with only a few hundred.  When ‘Like’s are bought or manipulated and the content is not relevant to the ones following the page you will see a huge lack of interest.  Now take the page with a couple hundred organic ‘Like’s and by organic I am referring to the followers that are connecting with the page due to their interest in the company, product, service or even the contests the page might be running.  Whatever it is they offer it is due to the page mangers taking the time to create great content and appealing to their target audience.

Organic vs Paid FB LIkes - Answer Marketing Inc


So when jumping your business out into the world of Social Media – you have to ask yourself do you want to appear popular or do you want return on your investment?  If it is to appear popular then for about $50 you can pay a company to grow your page with followers that give you the appearance of being well liked and followed.  If it is to actually benefit from the platforms you build or have someone help you build then you will need to bring a value to your audience and put in the time.  As your trade for Social Media being the most affordable and flexible way of advertising is time – so don’t waste it.

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