To Train or Not To Train…

To train your client or not to train – that seems to be the question and the concern of a lot of professionals these days…

Smart tiles

My take: Train!

A smarter client is a better client. They are going to learn anyways make sure they learn the right way. The truth of the matter is even if they know how to do what you are offering they don’t have the time or desire otherwise they’d be in your industry. #Clientcommonsense

Think about it if a client comes in and you sell them the first vacuum off the shelf without telling them about the differences, how do you know it was the one they needed?  Maybe they have a 10×15′ rug area and the rest of their home is in tile and you sold them the dominator designed for a home of all carpet with high traffic.  Or worse the opposite they have the huge wall to wall carpeted home and you sold them the $99 dollar special made for area rugs & light traffic because you ‘wisely’ wanted them to have a great deal…   This theory of we know what’s best for our customer is no longer relevant.   Welcome to the age of technology and clients educating themselves before purchasing & looking for companies that will provide further education.  Go one more level higher and realize that the word of mouth referral market is growing rapidly.   This is why Social Media is dominating the advertising market – customers are talking and they are talking about the companies that listen & serve.  If you are not able to slow down enough to talk to your clients and really listen to their needs in order to provide them freely with your expertise so they can purchase smarter you will be left behind.

Taking the time to train your clients works for both the service and product related industries.  If your customers know what all you do for them in return when they are happy with their purchase their word of mouth will be so much more powerful.   For example my awesome CPA (Hare Taylor LLC) has had me in their offices a few times going over in detail how they are looking out for me.  They have shown me when we meet monthly all the data they are compiling, how they are logging it, where & when they are reporting it as well as a number of other accounting procedures they are handling on my behalf.   Now they have shown me how to do all of this, why?  So I can see the true value and appreciate the security blanket of services they are providing for me.   Can I do what they are doing now that they have shown me?  Sure, most assuredly not to the level they are  providing but seriously if I wanted to be an accountant/CPA then why am I running my company which is most definitely not an accounting firm?  They are in fact being very smart by showing me, training me to value what they offer & now instead of waiting to the last minute to provide my records for them to enter I am trying to have it ready as early as possible.  Training! I know what they do takes time and a lot of it and frankly I don’t want to do it so I am going to help them help me!  Training – it is not insider customer espionage~

So here we are it’s a choice: adapt and change to what our customers are wanting or get left behind by the businesses that are not afraid to have a smarter customer.


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