Where’s your motivation level at for 2014?

(More importantly how can you keep it?)

Resolutions? Saying, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” is like saying, “How’s it going”?  No one expects a real answer from a generic question said so many times with no real actionable results. Motivational connections and mindset power is the wave that’s coming.  But only for those smart enough to leave the past where it belongs and ride the wave of challenge and progress.

We’ve survived an apocalypse, mourned the passing of Dave Hughes among many other greats, celebrated technology advancements like 3D printing and the BioPen, were somewhat effected by J.C.Penny – Saks Fifth Ave – Sears and other giants as they were sold or irrevocably changed, envisioned getting packages delivered by Amazon drones, watched as the sun reached its peak in solar activity, enjoyed the total eclipse of the sun on November 3rd, read about the discovery of Earth’s closest exoplanet twin Kepler, rediscovered King Richard III beneath a parking lot, learned about ambitions to map the human brain, sipped our favorite java from a phase-change mug, saw an increase in contract hiring and recession for full-time help, and for a lot of us reveled in the Florida FSU spectacular season! (Yes, I had to throw that in there – GO NOLES!)

   So I say “Bring it on!” and I almost can’t put it into words the excitement I feel with the endless possibilities that 2014 will bring for those of us that embrace change and allow for the mindset of a visionary with actionable presence!
   Yes that was a mouth full and it sounds real good but what does it really mean, and how can we make it happen in our lives?  So glad you asked! I’m going to plug a few ideas into this reading material, a few tips and some steps that for those of you that decide to take it to heart will see results manifest in your lives both personal and professional!  So, let’s start by saying out loud no matter where you are or who is around you…. Don’t be shy I want you to shout it out… One simple four letter word (no, it’s not a colorful metaphor) Are you ready?  Here it is: “ROAR
Ok those that took it to heart and belted it out, might need to apologize to those that were startled and share this article with them as you are about to embark on an exciting adventure of possibilities because you are not afraid to make a change and stand out in the crowd!  How did it make you feel? Were you out of your comfort zone or did you feel a moment of exhilaration? Well, either way if you did it congratulations – READ ON…

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